Portable Breathing Nebulizer



This is the fastest way to fix breathing problems at home!

Tight airways. Clogged nose. Sore cough. Chest tightness. Shortness of breath.
Does this sound familiar? If you have trouble breathing it's most likely due to infections, allergies and environmental pollutants that have inflamed your throat and airways and caused mucus to build-up in your chest.

Millions of people have trouble breathing. But is it something you can fix? Well, if you fix the inflammation and mucus problem you can unblock your airways and finally breathe clear again.

An evidence-based solution that targets the root cause.

Working with a top pulmonologist we developed a breakthrough solution that's guaranteed to improve your breathing.
Clearflow uses a medical vibrating mesh technology to create ultrafine mist that hydrates your chest and throat. This soothes your airways, loosens trapped mucus and deep cleans harmful bacteria.

Why are people switching to this device?

After a few short breaths with ClearFlow you'll notice your inflamed-throat is more hydrated. After one minute, trapped mucus will start to dissolve and your respiratory system will unclog. And after just 3 sessions, 86% of patients that tried Clearflow felt relief from shortness of breath, coughing, and sore throat. After 7 days 92% said their breathing had "significantly improved".

Easy to use solution that's backed by science!

ClearFlow turns liquid saline particles into a soothing inhalable mist that is absorbed deep in the respiratory sytem. It does this through a process called nebulization. This mist rehydrates the lungs, unclogs mucus and relieves painful inflammation within just a few seconds.

Like a car wash for your respiratory system! Extensive controlled trials demonstrate the effectiveness of nebulised saline solution as a treatment option for respiratory conditions.